Atalian Servest has a global team of over 125,000 individuals that are all highly trained specialists in their field and possess exceptional knowledge of the sectors that they work within. With access to online training, the team are able to develop themselves as and when they want, so that no matter where they are in the world they are always able to provide best in class solutions to customers.

Achieved through a combination of both acquisitive and organic growth, the Atalian Servest group has a combined turnover of 3 billion euros. This means that the organisation is now one of the largest global facilities services companies in the world that has the capability to deliver contracts to customers that span different continents.

The Atalian Servest team provide facilities management services to over 32,000 businesses worldwide, across a wide range of industry sectors. As Atalian Servest works in partnership with customers on a local, national and a global scale, we have the capability to create a solution that is blended to your needs and budget. Therefore, no matter the size of the contract, each customer is considered a priority.

The team of skilled individuals that we have working within the Atalian Servest group operate across 33 countries that span the four continents of Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. For a full list of the countries that Atalian Servest cover, please see the global reach page on this site.

Atalian Servest has over 90 years of exceptional experience in facilities services and providing bespoke solutions to customers. The team members are not only experts in the services that are delivered but also possess significant and in-depth knowledge of all industry sectors.

The Atalian Servest global headquarters is located in Paris, France. The United Kingdom operation’s head office is located in Bury St. Edmunds, England. There are also multiple other office locations that span the globe to ensure that Atalian Servest is within close proximity to customer sites so that a member of the team can be on hand when needed.

Here at Atalian Servest, the team provides a comprehensive range of facilities services, so no matter what your requirement is, the team can help to come up with a solution that is created specifically for you. For more details of the services that Atalian Servest can offer, visit our services page or contact us directly, using the contact form so that a member of the team can discuss this with you in person.

The team of sector experts that Atalian Servest has are able to operate across a vast selection of industries and have a broad depth of knowledge, insight and experience within each of those sectors. Every member of the Atalian Servest team applies learning and insights across sectors to ensure that all Atalian Servest customers are ahead of the curve in terms of facilities services. For more information on the sectors that we cover, visit our sectors page.

Atalian and Servest created a strategic alliance and joint venture early in 2016. This meant combining resources, knowledge and skill bases whilst strengthening its senior management and overall operation. Through years of working together effectively and finding that great benefit to customers was an outcome of the joint venture contributed heavily toward the decision to merge the two business.

The senior management team at Atalian Servest is comprised of existing Atalian and Servest management members. With the teams impressive and vast depth of experience and knowledge it truly will enable the future of Atalian Servest to really provide exceptional solutions to its customers. Through a combination of extensive experience in facilities services, organic growth, acquisition and strategic development, the team really know what they are doing. To find out more about the individuals, visit the senior team page.

If you would like to know more about any aspect of Atalian Servest then please contact us today. 

125000+ employees

33 countries across 4 continents

€3 billion turnover

Over 32000 clients