One Organisation, One Solution

Following the creation of a strategic joint venture early in 2016, Atalian and Servest (both leading international facilities services companies) have formally merged to create Atalian Servest. Through this tactical partnership, Atalian Servest has created one of the world’s largest most forward-thinking facilities services organisations. Atalian Servest has a turnover of €3 billion in which they employ in excess of 125,000 people worldwide, operating globally throughout 33 countries and across four continents (Europe, Africa, Asia and North America).

Our Vision

By combining what were already two significant industry operators, Atalian Servest has created a single business that is at the cutting edge of development within facilities services. We live in an age of rapid change, which affects how we go about our daily lives, both personally and professionally, and increasingly the two are often combined. Atalian Servest’s plan is to work closely with customers to ensure that they are always at the forefront of any solution that is developed and delivered. The management team also aims to ensure that as they strategically grow the global organisation, it continues to consider all stakeholders and enables our customers and colleagues to interact within their environments, in the best way for them.

Our People

Here at Atalian Servest we truly believe that our people are key to the organisation’s success. With this in mind, there are a plethora of opportunities for our people to develop themselves and gain all of the relevant training that they need to complete their roles to the best of their ability. By providing an extensive range of training programmes, the Atalian Servest team members, are always given the latest training available and therefore, creating the very best team of people that any customer could ask for.

Next Generation Solutions

Through its significant investment and partnership with global ICT services specialist Getronics, the new entity will focus on further developing its technology-led workspace solutions including dedicated tools for workspace management, managed cloud, unified communications and applications. This will enable Atalian Servest to play a leading role in the workplace technology market and provide a seamless facilities service and mobile technology offering to its growing client base. The merger comes at a time when workplace management is transforming rapidly through the development of smart buildings and the Internet of Things.

Greater Strength, Global Reach

Atalian and Servest both have a strong background in providing customised facilities solutions to a variety of organisations in a diverse range of sectors. Both companies are experienced at understanding and managing cultural nuances in different local environments while delivering a seamless global service. The merger strengthens this local presence and global service delivery and will enable Atalian Servest to continue to develop its innovative approach based on their customers’ requirements, whether that be at a local, national or international level.

Proven Track Record

Prior the the merger, both Atalian and Servest were privately-owned businesses that worked together under a joint venture agreement since 2016 as they were geographically complementary to one another, with Servest headquartered in the UK, and Atalian, headquartered in France. With the merger now complete, Atalian Servest operate across four continents; Europe, North America, Asia and Africa offering a full range of facilities services including cleaning, catering, security, and so much more to clients in the private and public sectors alike.


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